Grade 4 Curriculum

The grade four students ease into a new stage of childhood in which they find comfort in themselves and the world after coming through a significant change. They are ready to take on challenges, are able to make more conscious decisions and take on more academic work. Their developmental stage is met in the stories of the Norse Mythology and Finish Kalevala. Students continue to develop their composition skills in writing as they work with these stories. Most teachers introduce formal weekly spelling tests. Recitation continues and more complex language is explored through drama and verse.

In math the grade four curriculum focuses on fractions. The students are given opportunities to divide things into parts that up to now they have experienced as whole, such as food, music, the class (working in groups) etc. The mastery of mathematical concepts from grade three continues to grow through practice in grade four. The experience of square measure might be added to division, long and short methods, and to multiplication and simple freehand geometry.

Students also study animals as they relate to the human being. They explore local geography and history, often spending a week at Black Creek Pioneer village, and taking a local overnight camping trip. The class has key roles in the Michaelmas play and does the Maypole dance at the May Fair.

Specialty subjects continue as in grade three, though in handwork they move from crochet to cross-stitch. The students who began string lessons in grade three join a weekly string ensemble and those who do not play strings participate in a recorder ensemble. Where applicable, subject teachers design their programs to meet the developmental stage by introducing and then increasing writing, relating their lessons to the current main lesson block, and doing more work in groups or ‘parts’.

grade 4 math pizza (2)

The fractions unit included making pizza which everyone enjoyed eating afterward.

group shot lake edge

A grade four field trip to Conservation Halton’s Crawford Lake to learn about local geography and First Nations history.

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