Grade 3 Curriculum

In grade three the child passes through their 9th and into their 10th year. This is a significant time in the developmental life of the students as they begin to experience a sense of separation from the younger childhood years in which they has been more intimately connected to their surrounding world. The students often struggle to find a balance between who they are becoming and who they have been.

As they become more aware of their individuality and of the world, the curriculum supports their striving by providing practical opportunities on living and surviving day to day, such as farming and gardening. The class is responsible for the school’s vegetable garden and supports the care of the school grounds. Students also experience and work on an operating farm on their first overnight trip as a class, build a large scale project outdoors and do regular cooking and baking. The students learn about textiles, natural fibres and clothing. In these ways they learn the arts and skills of living in the bigger world they are now discovering.

The language arts curriculum revolves around the Old Testament stories of the Hebrew people and their struggles in finding their place in the world and with their god. The students are introduced to grammar, sentence forming and punctuation as they begin their own first compositional work. There are weekly reading classes and they move from printing to cursive writing.

The experience of measuring during the building project and in baking and cooking leads into measurement studies in math class. The students measure the world around them, first in imperial form and eventually in the metric system. Time, weight and money are also introduced. The other major subjects in math are long division and multiplication, and carrying and borrowing with addition and subtraction. The rhythmical learning of multiplication tables continues.

Subject lessons for grade three include German, French, handwork, music, gardening and movement. Many students begin learning cello or violin in private lessons at the school.

The grade three class participates in the Michaelmas play. Their class play is often based on a creation story from the Old Testament.

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The student’s main lesson books are full of their colourful work and show the knowledge being learned.

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Multiplication tables are made by each student in mathematics lessons.

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