Grade 2 Curriculum

In grade two, the students are in a period of change, fluctuating between reverence and mischief. Fables and stories of saints give them examples of the polarities they now experience. Trickery, foolishness, courage and selflessness are experienced as part of life and examples of different behaviour.

There is more emphasis on writing, and the students, guided by the teacher, create their main lesson books. The students practice reading from the board and their own books, and typically graduate to an early reader by the end of grade two. They will also have been introduced to upper case, lower case and sometimes cursive writing by the end of the school year.

In mathematics, addition, subtraction, division and multiplication are expanded into larger numbers and deepened through mental math work. Grade two participates in the Michaelmas play and performs the Martinmas play. Developmental assessments are undertaken by a teacher in the school for each student in this grade.


Blue beeswax was used by the students to create small animal sculptures.


The grade two children perform at the school’s Parent Festival which is held each December in our community room.


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