Early Childhood

Parent & Child

This program provides social interaction in a nurturing environment for caregivers and their children of up to three years of age. A variety of activities will gently enliven children’s senses, help them to explore their world and to meet new friends.

Parents benefit from meeting new people too! Join conversations around parenting topics and interact with your child in new ways.

The Parent and Child program is offered:
– 9:00 am to 11:30 am, September to June, weekday mornings when the school is open
– This is not a drop-in program; caregivers and their children typically register to come one morning a week for the full school term
–  The registration form is prepared each term, outlining a schedule that can vary from eight to fifteen weeks depending on the school term 
– Session fees range from $224 to $420 for the term, depending on the day of week registered
– there is no cost for a second child who is under six months of age; fees are reduced by 50% for for a second child who is over six months of age.
Teacher: Judi Remigio

Our September 2017 starting date will be Monday, September 11.

Please email enrollment@haltonwaldorf.com for more information or call 905-331-4387.

Parent and Child Registration Form

To guarantee your placement, please bring your completed Registration Form along with payment to Halton Waldorf School.




“I can’t be more grateful. Parent and Child has connected me with like-minded people and I have made many friends there. The sharing of ideas, advice and support was priceless.”
~ Sonja, mother of 2

Preschool and Kindergarten

kindergarten walk day 1

kindergarten circle





Children and parents make an immediate connection to the warm and nurturing environment of the early childhood classrooms. The teacher and her assistant work at providing an environment that enhances the deep sense of wonder, joy and imagination of young children.

Our programs encourage the development of social skills through creative play, enriching stories and time outdoors together. At this age children engage the world entirely through their senses, so your child will have natural toys and materials at hand and have plenty of time outdoors for free play. He or she will accomplish practical tasks such as kneading bread, and by creating art, experience “hands-on” how colours come to be. Imaginative play, the focus of the early childhood classroom and the true “work” of the child, encourages problem-solving and creative thinking. It is the most effective way to cultivate a love of learning and set a foundation for academic excellence.

Samples of our activities include:
– seasonal festivals
– storytelling, drama, puppetry, marionettes, verses, poetry, fairy tales
– measuring for cooking and baking, counting games
– gardening, nature walks, climbing, balance
– singing, movement, musical instruments, dancing games
– watercolour painting, crafts, crayon drawing
– carding wool, sewing, woodwork, textiles, needlework, modelling

Preschool is for children aged 3 and 4 years old and is offered:
– 2 mornings or 2 full days per week
– 3 mornings or 3 full days per week
– 5 mornings or 5 full days per week
Our preschool is licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

The Kindergarten program includes children ages 4, 5 and 6 years old and is offered:
– 5 mornings or 5 full days per week

New kindergarten students are placed in the appropriate classroom based on their age and an interview.

Kindergarten Teachers:
Aniko Gereb
Shannon Aitken

Preschool Teacher:
Afra Zhang

Kindergarten Assistants:
Jennifer Carly
Melina Marin

Preschool Assistant:
Hilary Kennedy

For more information about the Waldorf approach to early childhood, this series of six videos by WECAN are very enlightening.

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