Curriculum Table

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Kindergarten Primary Grades (1-3) Middle Grades (4-6) Upper Grades (7-8)
History Seasonal festivals Fairy tales, folk tales, fables and legends, creation stories, Old Testament. Norse sagas, ancient civilizations including India, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greek, Roman and medieval history Renaissance and Age of Discovery, Reformation through Age of Revolution (including French, American and Russian Revolutions), modern history, current affairs
Literature / Language Arts Storytelling, drama, puppetry, verses, poetry, fairy tales Pictorial introduction to the alphabet, writing, reading, phonics, spelling, recitation and drama Composition, book reports, letter writing, reading, spelling, grammar, syntax, recitation and drama Creative writing, essays, research papers, book reports, poetic forms, spelling, grammar and major play production
Mathematics Measuring for cooking and baking, counting games, songs Numbers and counting, times tables, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, mental arithmetic, measurement Review of four operations, long division, factoring, fractions, decimals, percentage, geometric drawing, (free hand and with compass) Business math, graphing, perimeter, area, volume, root power and exponents, geometry and the platonic solids, coordinate plane, formulae and algebra
Science / Geography Gardening, cooking, nature walks, counting, building Nature stories, direct observation of nature, composting, farming, rhythms and cycles in nature, house building The human being and animals, gardening, botany, physics, geology, home surroundings, local geography, geography of Canada, North and South America Physiology, nutrition, chemistry, physics, astronomy, meteorology, geography of Europe, Asia, Africa, world geography
Foreign Languages French and German taught orally, games, songs, recitation, plays and dialogues, exploration of seasons and festivals Writing and grammar, reading, vocabulary, text comprehension, songs, recitation and plays French reading, oral and written comprehension, grammar, recitation, songs, historical anecdotes and biographies
Music Singing, movement, musical instruments, dancing games Pentatonic songs, pentatonic recorder, soprano recorder, introduction to music notation, rounds, seasonal and folk songs Songs which reflect curriculum including Canadian folksongs, music of the Middle Ages; soprano, alto and tenor recorder, optional violin/cello, sight reading Ballads, Renaissance and Elizabethan music, spirituals, world folk songs, recorder, string ensemble, music theory
Visual Arts Watercolour painting, crafts, crayon drawing Use of block and stick crayons, form drawing of linear patterns, symmetry and mirror drawing, watercolour painting, form from colour Use of ink pens, calligraphy, form drawing, chalk pastels, still life, black and white using charcoal Perspective drawing, three-dimensional geometric drawing, painting wet and dry transparent colours, colour perspective, egg tempera, acrylics, portraiture, reproductions of great masters
Handwork / Woodwork Carding wool, sewing, woodwork, textiles, needlework, modelling Knitting with two needles, simple crochet, sewing, developing patterns of form and colour, beeswax modelling Cross-stitch, embroidery, knitting with four needles, sewing, clay modelling Sewing using patterns, machine sewing, felting, increasingly complex woodworking projects
Physical Education Nature walks, climbing, rhythmical movement, balance, indoor/outdoor creative play Circle games, skipping, movement skills, line games, dodge ball, geometric forms and rhythms in movement; movement to music and the spoken word Running, jumping and throwing exercises, floor exercises, Greek Olympic sports, preparatory skills for traditional team games and sports Team games and sports including volleyball, basketball, and baseball; juggling skills, various dance forms, downhill skiing


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